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Susannah Maas Antamoro de Céspedes

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Partner | ODA-FSA Member

Susannah Maas Antamoro de Céspedes opened her Firm in 1980. It merged in August 2012 with the Firm SHS & Partners so to create new synergies.

Susannah emphasizes a personalized approach to Clients based on her areas of expertise.

She proposes a personal, flexible and exclusive treatment of the issues.

Susannah is dedicated to Economic Law in the broad meaning (contracts, white-collar crime, criminal litigation) and civil law (divorce, inheritance law and estate planning) as well as mediation and other alternate dispute resolutions methods.

She has acquired solid legal experience in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law. She also focuses on conflict management in a broader scope including the Client, its interests and immediate expectations as well as future needs; the nature of the conflict; its causes and all possible remedies taking into account the time / cost / energy factor including negotiation and mediation, or alternative methods of conflict resolution.

Susannah assists and advises clients in English, French, Danish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish. She has an extensive network of contacts and lawyers throughout the world that allows her to deal effectively and in a timely manner with any conflict, dispute or contractual relationship in Switzerland and abroad.

Working Languages

French - fluently
English - fluently
Italian - fluently
Danish - fluently
Sweedish - très bonnes connaissances
Norvegian - très bonnes connaissances
Spanish - compris
Portuguese - compris

3, rue De-Beaumont | 1206 Genève | Suisse | T. +41 22 839 73 00 | F. +41 22 839 73 01 | avocats(at)